Technical Maintenance And Operations

It is an attractive option for organizations to outsource the non-core technical and support services that are striving to increase the quality and reducing the cost. We at Eagle Hunters aim to help businesses reduce the facility operating expenses and minimize the equipment downtime, increase productivity and provide high-quality services. Over past few years, we have earned the reputation of delivering tailor-made and innovative solutions customized as per your industry. We have a team of well-qualified and experienced professionals who make use of latest tools to ensure that performance is timely and of superior standards. Built on the foundation of smart process and well-trained personnel our services offer secured and safe solutions in the following categories:
Electrical services & maintenance
We provide maintenance and quick resolve of service queries. We handle the breakdown maintenance that even includes procuring the spares and AMC.
From the routine maintenance and change of filters to chiller overhauls, we undertake all.
DG Operations
We offer a full assessment and repair of the existing generator equipment that includes preventive maintenance, equipment operations, and performance review.
Plumbing & STP operations
Our services include periodic maintenance of the plumbing lines, toilets and ducts.
Fire & Safety
Our fire protection and safety services integrate a range of solutions to keep your facility and employees safe from the potential danger of fire.
Swimming Pool Operations & Maintenance
Our pool cleaning services include maintenance of filters, pumps and are performed by the trained staff.

What sets us apart from the competitors is our ability to customize the electrical services and maintenance service as per the client’s need. To enable the business to function properly it is important to have a well-designed, installed and maintained base of system requirements. Thus, our team of qualified and experienced professionals works closely with the supply chain partners to offer implementation and management services to reduce the faults and breakdowns to reduce the impression of interruption on our clients.

Our range of electrical services and maintenance include maintenance of:

  • Electrical equipment
  • Lighting control system
  • Fire Alarms/Security alarm
  • Card access
  • CCTV system
  • Elevator maintenance

All our services meet the current statutory requirements and the maintenance procedures.

With years of experience, Eagle Hunters has become the most trusted service provider in the industrial, light commercial and institutional markets. We offer a complete array of mechanical services related to Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning by using the professional and qualified technicians with industry expertise. We offer customized HVAC maintenance programs for our clients to ensure all the equipment are in peak operating condition.

Our solutions cover everything right from designing, engineering, installation and post-installation support for the hot water and steam boilers, commercial refrigeration, humidity controls, commercial kitchen ventilation, ducted split AC, piping packaged AC and refrigerant flow system.

A study by Department of Energy states that the financial losses incurred from power outages at data centers ranged from $20,000 to $2 million. Thus, it is critical for businesses, hospitality industry and government offices to have a well-designed and maintained standby power system to offer protection against utility power outages. We offer generator operation and maintenance services to ensure that the generator sets operate in its full efficiency. Our skilled and competent team will do a survey of power and site needs, offer consulting services and technical support, general maintenance, restoration and repair and periodic maintenance services. At Eagle Hunters, we recognize diesel generator maintenance procedures and application that are as per the manufacturer’s recommendations. Facilities can be assured that the standby power will start and run in case of emergency.

At Eagle Hunters, our aim is to provide you with a broad range of services to enable you to take care of the assets and manage them well. Our team of experts will undertake routine check for blockages, leakages, minor repairs of fixtures, cleaning of tanks at regular intervals, pump operations, maintenance of spares including the water treatment to help improve the quality. We offer our customers with high-quality services by leveraging the experience and knowledge gained from years of experience.

We act as your single-source contact to provide fire protection services. Our highly compliant evaluation, testing and maintenance service help the client to alleviate the risk. Our specialized technicians provide the following services:

  • Hydrants, Fire monitor and post indicator valves
  • Portable and fixed fire extinguishers
  • Fire apparatuses and fire pumps
  • Water Sprinklers and water spray
  • Flame, smoke and incipient fire detection
  • Fire suppression system
  • Emergency alarm
Our fire protection services combine the in-depth knowledge of fire safety and building regulations with the detailed understanding of your requirements.

Eagle Hunters not only offer its clients comprehensive swimming pool operations and maintenance services but also gives a peace of mind that the swimming pool is also well managed. We provide pool services for apartments, clubs, condominiums, and hospitality industry. Our pool operations and maintenance services include maintenance of filters and pumps, full pool renovation, brush and vacuum the pool, backwash filtration system, fill the water as per the level and daily or weekly maintenance. You can be assured that the pool will be operated and maintained with the utmost professionalism.