Building Soft Services

Eagle Hunters acts as an extension of our client’s organization to add value based upon our personnel’s industry knowledge and expertise, and the use of cutting-edge technology. We offer services that are subjected to development and innovation, thus cutting the cost and adding the value to the core business of our clients. We are committed to setting the highest industry standards in maintenance and soft services. Our highly skilled and educated professionals are meticulous with details and work to deliver superior services that comply with the industry standards and guidelines. What makes us different from our competitors is our commitment to our clients and their environment that makes us proud to the leading building soft services facility management provider in the marketplace.
Security & Safety
We work closely with clients to deliver wide-ranging security services to address the needs of the clients business and suit the environment in which they operate.
Mechanized housekeeping
We offer a broad range of bespoke and flexible mechanized housekeeping solutions to address the individual needs of the diverse network of clients.
Horticulture & Landscaping
From the manicured lawns to the elaborate planting schemes, our team of qualified professionals can manage the gardens of all sizes.
Pest control
We provide long-lasting pest control solutions by identifying the issues and applying the best possible solutions.
Façade Cleaning
We offer service to protect our client’s real estate investment while improving the marketability and appearance of their properties.
Waste Management
We aim to transform how companies and organizations manage their waste by implementing industry-leading expertise of best practices in commercial waste disposal, recycling, and waste avoidance.

Our total security management business is one of the leading security companies that offer both risk-based and integrated security services. What sets us apart from other security companies is our total management ethos of providing security on the basis of the risk. We ensure a right mix of security services to add to your business efficiency and effectiveness. Our fully trained and educated security professionals make use of latest technology and equipment to ensure the safety of your assets and people. Professionalism and integrity are of the utmost importance to us and make the screening our top priority.

With years of experience, Eagle Hunters has earned a reputation of reliable, results-driven and approachable facility management company. Our team of professionals ensures highest levels of cleanliness so that our clients can concentrate on their core business. Our skilled cleaning professionals carry out their work with minimum disruption and with experience anticipates the client’s needs and accordingly direct the resources as necessary to deliver unique and flexible solutions and services.

We pride ourselves on offering efficient and effective cleaning. By consistently investing in employee training, new technology, and equipment we ensure that we add value, and deliver higher cleaning standards.

Soft and hard landscaping is an integral part of creating a pleasant yet functional environment for both visitors and employees. At Eagle Hunters we deliver a full landscaping right from the initial design stage, installation, and year-round maintenance as per your budget and vision.

We offer an extensive range of solutions right from replanting and recurrent maintenance to the landscaping of indoor plants. Our highly proficient staff and the team of gardeners and horticulturists evaluates the turfs and accordingly suggests the shrubs and trees on the basis of their characteristics with paramount care for the environment. Our team sole aim is to create a landscape that will complement and heighten the beauty of your outdoors.

With Eagle Hunters on your side, you can rest assured that your properties will be safe from all types of pests. Our team of well-trained and certified professionals helps in protecting the premises from the pest problems all year around.

We offer bespoke propositions to satisfy all your needs and put your organizations at the center of the service. We focus on helping you to understand how to tackle the pest risk in an efficient and environmentally friendly way. We strictly use substances in line with the pesticide regulations and environmental compliances. The work undertaken is done to minimize the contamination, damage, impact of our clients and employees and the environment.

Eagle Hunters provides façade-cleaning services to our clients by offering cost effective solutions to the maintenance challenges innate to maintaining the building. Environmentally sound practices are at the heart of the Eagle Hunters. We rely only on the green methods and products to deliver superior maintenance services. We use modern equipment and the cleaning solutions to ensure that the building façade is spotless and dirt free.

Our professionals have great experience and knowledge of façade maintenance and cleaning. Eagle Hunters is dedicated to providing our clients with an exceptional level of attention and service that surpass from the start of the project through its completion. We are committed to delivering impeccable results every time.

Eagle Hunters believe that every business has a commitment to the viable waste management. Our team of experts helps our client reduce the environmental expenses but also to upkeep the wider environment also. We work together with the clients to adopt the organically sound and biologically sympathetic methods of waste management.

We help our clients adopt processes that stop pollution and help in optimizing the use of the existing resources and strive to re-use the materials whenever possible. Our team of qualified and waste management expert professionals employs an established waste movement, collection, and disposable system that help in reducing the client’s landfill waste. As the part of our on-going commitment to the best practices, we end to improve the environmental performance of the clients by introducing the newer methods and resources.